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Governor Miller Honors Paschal Brothers 


View the GABEO Resolution Here

Milledgeville --- Before going home today, elected black officials from across Georgia plan to send an unequivocal message to Washington: Save Paschal's Restaurant.

One of the final orders of business of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials is to consider a resolution calling for the landmark Atlanta restaurant to be included in the federal government's National Register of Historic Places.

Giving historic status to the site where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and others planned their campaigns for equality would qualify the restaurant for federal funding, said Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta).

That cash, he said Saturday, could make the difference in whether the restaurant, which was closed in July, is destroyed or saved.

"We want federal support and believe it's appropriate to ask for it," said Brooks, an outspoken critic of proposals to flatten the restaurant.

The restaurant and adjacent hotel belong to Clark Atlanta University, which earlier this year announced plans to destroy the famed eatery to make room for additional student housing.

The original owners run another restaurant nearby.

The plans to destroy the old site touched a nerve in Atlanta and elsewhere as civil rights advocates, elected representatives and everyday people protested. Faced with such opposition, university officials delayed a decision on whether to demolish the restaurant, and have asked for plans to save the site.

School leaders said CAU, which purchased the restaurant seven years ago, was losing $500,000 a year to keep it open.

Placing Paschal's on the same list as other historically significant structures could ensure the restaurant's survival, Brooks said. Nearly 40 years ago, he recalled, he spent a month at the hotel, and saw civil rights figures nearly daily dining on Paschal's chicken.

The resolution, while not binding, would let federal officials know GABEO's feelings about the restaurant, he said.

Brooks predicted the resolution would pass as quickly as people passed Paschal's corn bread to each other.

Last day's meals at Paschal's bittersweet



The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

It was a place where world-changing events took shape, where romances blossomed, where common men and women broke bread with legends.

And on a sweltering July afternoon, it all came to a close with a simple flick of Moses Gammage's wrist.

"That's it -- we're closed," 73-year-old assistant manager Gammage said nonchalantly Monday afternoon as he turned the lock on Paschal's restaurant in southwest Atlanta for the last time.

After four decades of serving up generous helpings of cutting-edge politics, soul food and indelible friendships, the so-called "kitchen of the civil rights movement" was out of business, bade farewell by hundreds of last-minute diners.

"Not long ago, if you were black and you came to Atlanta, you came to Paschal's," said Henry Dodson, 71, who joined his pal, 83-year-old William Letman, for a final feast at the famous restaurant. "This was the center of things in its heyday."

Open at its current location since 1959, Paschal's was where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and his lieutenants planned the Selma-to-Montgomery march, which led to passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and forever changed America. Coretta Scott King has said the diner is as important to the civil rights movement as Boston's Faneuil Hall is to the American Revolution.

A fading "Maynard for Mayor" bumper sticker touting Maynard Jackson, the man who would become Atlanta's first black chief executive, still decorates an office window inside the kitchen.

Muhammad Ali ate here. So did Stevie Wonder and an aspiring singer named Aretha Franklin.

But in a city where development often wins out over historic preservation, the restaurant now faces a date with the wrecking ball.

Clark Atlanta University, which purchased Paschal's seven years ago, plans to raze the restaurant for a new dormitory. Clark said the restaurant, which sits in a block of graffiti-marred walls and padlocked businesses, is bleeding money, losing as much as $500,000 a year.

Community activists have protested the planned demolition and will meet with Clark Atlanta University officials next month to discuss alternatives. Some would like to see at least the facade and some of the interior saved. Others propose turning the full restaurant into a coffee shop for students.

Paul McLendon, 74, signed a petition that asked that the restaurant be spared.

"In my opinion, it's the most important part of this community," McLendon said. "There's a possibility this place can be made profitable again. Look at all the people here the last few days."

Whatever the outcome, those who came out Monday agreed that Paschal's days as a community gathering spot were over. Many of them said that time had passed years ago.

Doris Wilson, 67, ate a buffet lunch of friend chicken, black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, corn muffins and peach cobbler with two of her friends. She remembered skipping high school in the 1950s to frequent the old Paschal's, which was located across the street but now is a vacant lot.

"Business fell off here as the years went by and the neighborhood fell down," Wilson said. "This is just a memory here . . . a very good memory."

James Paschal, who with his brother, Robert, founded the original restaurant, recently opened another Paschal's on Northside Drive about a mile from the historic eatery. Robert Paschal died in 1997.

Raymond Meadows, 64, said one of the unintended consequences of the civil rights movement was the decline of business districts such as the neighborhood where Paschal's once thrived. Jim Crow laws created largely separate black and white business districts, he said. With integration, black businesses often suffered, as African-Americans moved to formerly suburban counties and, like whites before them, did their shopping and dining at malls and chain restaurants.

"We grew up with this place," Meadows said about Paschal's. "It was a home away from home. But business in this whole area started to decline as more and more of the black community moved to Clayton and DeKalb counties."

For a few hours Monday, it looked like the old days.

Diners filled every booth and every bar stool, and a line snaked out the door. At one point, the wait was more than an hour. One waitress said she had pocketed $200 in tips by early afternoon.

"This place has had more business in the last four days than it has in the last six months," Dodson said. But he attributed the flood of commerce to old-timers like himself coming back one more time, to remember.

Merry Ford came back for one last meal at the place where she met her husband, John, 17 years back. She had just gotten out of church and was having lunch when she locked eyes with a handsome, young man at a nearby booth.

"He was too bashful to say anything," Ford said, "so I asked the waitress who he was and wrote my name and telephone number on a napkin and had her give it to him. He called me three days later. We've been married 15 years."


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Thank You For Your Support!

“It's a disgrace that Atlanta razes its historic landmarks and pine forests in order to develop ticky-tacky breadboxes. Given Paschal's significance and proximity to CAU, the lack of historical memory in this case is dumbfounding.” – Robin Kemp, Jonesboro, GA

“Yes, I'm in favor of saving Paschals,and it's historical value.” – Christine Lewis, Avondale Estates, GA

"Preserve the history that this restaurant has built. If nothing else, Use the space as a quiet learning center/meeting place for the students. Old menus, furniture, pictures of civil rights meetings and other memorandum should be displayed for public viewing...No matter what you do -- don't destroy a part of black American history." - M. Gale Belton, Snellville, GA

Vernice Lawson, Locust Grove, GA

"Paschal's is quintessential to Atlanta's Black history. Please try to preserve it for future generations." - Lester A. Reid, Atlanta, GA

Karen Sanderfur, Hampton, GA

"I had the pleasure of dining at this fine establishment when I was a college student
in the 70's. Please save this piece of Black History." - Elizabeth Sneed, Fort Valley, GA

"I've never had the pleasure to eat at this restaurant, but I know that its very important to preserve these places that were so special to so many significant others." - Toni Barnes, College Park, GA

"As a CAU student I remember going to Paschal Restaurant my freshmen year, and enjoying the food while taking in all its rich history. This is an important part of black history that should be preserved by all means." - Deena E. Ashford, Atlanta, GA

Deborah Plears, Milwaukee, WI

"Please preserve this piece of our history!" - Rosalyn Barnes, Atlanta, GA

"I would like to support efforts to preserve Paschal's as a historic site. We must preserve this valuable institution!" - Chandra Thomas, Decatur, GA

Georgette Jones, Marietta, GA

Jeremy B. Jones, Marietta, GA

"I am appalled at the fact that an historically black university would destroy something that is clearly the epitome of positive, forward moving black life. Paschal's provided food for the soul, meeting/fellowship, black economic power, arts, family, leadership, etc. This sign is a reminder of where we as a black community came from, how strong we still are, and where we can and will go." - Ashlee Anderson, Atlanta, GA

"I feel that it is our responsibility to perserve the rich Black History that Atlanta holds. Several civil rights leaders made it their life's mission to make our lives better and our children's lives better. I know that there is enough money within our communities to help Paschal's stay afloat. I know that with the right help legally we can work to make this an historical site. Many of our leaders would meet at this site and discuss changes in their time... changes that we know to be everyday life. Thanks to their efforts and faith in GOD. Our people need to be taught the importance of from whence we came......it is truly important for us to really understand and appreciate the life we live today. Don't allow big business to steal our history." - Reece Odum, Riverdale, GA

"The old Paschal's is a part of our history. Who we were, the roads we have traveled,who we are. Let's preserve our own History." - Sandra Simone, Talladega, AL

" I have never been to Paschals, but the story I heard shocked me, that Clark Atlanta University would support the destruction of a place so valid in Atlanta's history. This restaurant is not just a financial loss, or an old building...it is a place where people felt comfortable to meet and to share their visions of a new life. Does Clark University want to teach that it destroyed a part of its family's history, or does it want to embrace the community and uplift this place for what it really is: a place where peace was openly spoken. If it is the conversation that is so important when we sit down to eat a meal, surely the educators will find a way to save this heartfelt roundtable." - Michael Johnson, Covington, GA

"As previous owner's in the service industry, my husband (Mr. V.)and I would appreciate if the university system could utilize the building as an institution for learning the hospitality industry. UUUMMH! SAVE THE SIGN and BUILDING." - Rose Virgil, Atlanta, GA

"Our first time at your restauant was in 1987, when our son entered Morehouse in 1987, and last year we had the pleasure of dining at your new location. We enjoyed it so must that have reserved several rooms at your hotel for our sons upcoming wedding (October 10-12). It's important that we reserve our historic sites." - Glorious M. Crooms, East Orange, NJ

"As a student at Clark Atlanta University I think that it is imperative that we save one of the many historic landmarks on our campus. We definitely have to preserve our campus and our past not TEAR IT DOWN....what problem are we solving and what are we really trying to prove. I think that Clark Atlanta University Officials should stop looking at a Dollar and look at the real meaning behind the building and what it stands for." - Ricky A. Brown Jr. C/O 2004, Atlanta, GA

Runako Godfrey, Austin, TX

Jennifer Harris, Greenville, NC

"We've got to preserve our history and our heritage, be it cultural events or businesses. Support Black history/heritage." - O'Brae C. Bowman, Charlotte, NC

Sam Clapp, East Point, GA

"It would be a great loss to destroy such a meanignful landmark. With so much creativity abounding in our souls, should we not pursue both the physical and cultural needs of Clark Atlanta students (and others) by integrating as much of Paschal's into the future dormitory's design?" - Clarice and Steven Allgood, East Point, GA

"Help save Atlanta's history!" - Curt Rush, East Point, GA

Harold Williams, East Point, GA

Stella Gray, East Point, GA

"Leave it alone, enough of history is gone from Atlanta has it is!" - Bruce A. Amburgy, East Point, GA

"Save the building and the vintage signs too!" - Jessica Lavandier, Atlanta, GA

"Atlanta has too little history left as it is without continuing to tear it down! I am a tour guide who enjoys showing off our history, and almost every visitor, whether from Athens, Georgia or Athens, Greece, comments how our tours are so much about what used to be here than what is. Atlanta is known the world over as a home base for African-American civil rights. We need something other than streets and new buildings named for people...we need the old buildings to give a sense of place and time." - Kevin L. Hudson, Atlanta, GA

"This fine institution must and needs to be saved! The history and heritage that is in so much danger of being lost as have other sites. The Magnolia Ballroom, Lincoln Country Club and Golf Course, Kings Wig-wam and George Washington Carver State Park. All were significant to the Negro life before intergration and are still important because of their establishment of racial pride, cutural developnment and family heritage. African Americans are the only people without a sense of heritage and links to the ancestors. The careless way our history has been and is still being destroyed is proof that we need to change how we think of our selves and our heritage." - Charles Henry Atkinson, Decatur, GA

Gary Saunders, Olive Branch, MS

Kim Poole, Fairburn, GA

Sandra van Meek, Flowery Branch, GA

"Paschal's is a part of our history and should be treated as such." - Stacey L. Williams, Austell, GA

"Growing up my father who attended Morehouse College in the 50's, told me the tale of how Paschal's started out selling chicken sandwiches "out the trunk", and rose to create an institution that would be the launching ground for world changing events. One would believe that a so-called black institution of higher learning would have respect for such tradition, and hold it sacred...if for no other reason, than to inspire within it's student body the same spirit that the Paschal brothers embodied in creating such a legendary megaplex of black owned enterprisies." - Charles Lester, Atlanta, GA

Kesha Nichols, Atlanta, GA

Ellen Mendelsohn, Atlanta, GA

"Not only is Paschal's a significant part of our Black History, but the service and warmth of the entire staff is enough incentive in itself to have 2 great locations in the heart of Atlanta!" - Jarrod Collier, Riverdale, GA

Alvilda Jones, Stone Mountain, GA

"I'm currently serving in the United States Air Force in England. Being a black man raised in the South (Alabama), I couldn't help but to feel obligated to render my name to this petition. My forefathers faught for equality and rights for us today. This is just a small gesture, but I feel its my duty to do what I can." - Jermaine R. Hardy, USAF, England

"It would be a shame to destroy such a significant landmark and historical artifact." - Michael A. Ferby, Annandale, VA

Rahsaan Tann, Douglasville, GA

"Any part of Black History should be preserved, especially the good parts that hold so much richness! I've had the pleasure of dining at the new Paschal's and if the old Paschal's was anything of the sort --- MY, MY, MY! Our culture is the only one that wants to get rid of every "Stone of Rememberance", and it's sad not to have anything to look back on and reflect!" - Torrence Wimberly, Miami, FL

"A HBC should be the last to tear down a significant part of history. I'm a Clark Atlanta University student now, and I'm behind you all the way!!" - Constance Raiford, Smyrna, GA

Monica Davis, Riverdale, GA

Carla Phillips, Atlanta, GA

Lauren Singleton, Atlanta, GA

"Paschal's is a true part of African-American History (Civil Rights Era). We can't let it die. Together we have major buying power. Let's exhaust all our resources before we throw in the towel." - Tonya Roberts, Tucker, GA

Ava Ivy, Waukegan, IL

"It would be a travesty to destroy Paschals. I make it a point to dine there when in town the first week of the month each month. I am looking foward to dinning there today as I am in town for the Got Jazz out door concert at Centennial Olympic Park. I am Director of Marketing For One Nation Promotions. This is an Omega Media event sponsored by Michelob, Delta, Creative Loafing to mention a few and we are looking foward to another opportunity at the end of this event to dine there." - Dana Armstrong, Memphis, TN

"This is terrible to decide to tear down the history of this area for dormitories. My grandmother talked about eating at Paschal's and all the fun and conversations that took place at the restaurant. The recommendation to leave the restaurant inside of the dormitories is an excellent idea. I think that the students, faculty and other visitors would enjoy this environment. So let's band together to keep our history rich and strong - leave Paschal's!" - Elizabeth Moses, Stone Mountain, GA

"As a African American, and a professional who has been in the hospitality business for twenty years, Paschal's has been a visual reminder to me that all things are possible in business.They have promoted the fact that all persons could own and operate hospitality related businesses, in a world today that does not have a lot of black owners.The gathering spot for many, as this city's history and the nation's history was discusssed intelligently.Whatever I can do to save this wonderful site..., count me in!" - Tyrone Shannon, Lawrenceville, GA

Latrice J. Lawson McGrady, Stone Mountain, GA

Annette Nevels, Atlanta, GA

"It is foolish to erase your own history. Especially this landmark. It is an internationaly important site. Think of the future."- Charles T. Orr, Jr., Atlanta, GA

"We've lost enough landdmarks in Atlanta as it is! Please let this one stand!" - Julie Orr, Atlanta, GA

"In our efforts to move forward, we have forgotten our past. There is a direct link between a people knowing their and understanding their past and that same group of people moving forward into economic and social prosperity. I am sure you will agree that there is a place for this building in our future... since we have had so many famous people eat here, why can't we have this building earmarked under historic preservation.....This is history." - Tonia Johnson, Lithonia, GA

Jack and Yolanda Washington, Stone Mountain, GA

"History YES! Landmark YES! but it was the FOOD that brought em' BACK!!" - Ralph McGill III, Alpharetta, GA

B. Brown, Smyrna, GA

Jules McNeal, Smyrna, GA

Jeraldine Chambliss, Lithonia, GA

Susan Turner, Atlanta, GA

"I'm not from Atlanta and was born after the Civil Rights/Paschal's era. But I do know that my child's and my people's lives were made better because of all the committed and dedicated leaders that planned to hold this country accountable for our rights and privileges at this very site. Many memories and our future is still contained in these walls. Keep this historic landmark!!!!!!!!!! - Crystal Turner, Washington, D.C.

Kimberlyn Sinkfield, College Park, GA

"This is part of Atlanta's Black History and also part of Dr.King and Maynard Jackson's legacy. It would be a shame to point to a dormitory, instead of this historic location to our children, when you speak of Atlanta'a Black Leaders." - Arts Center Tower, Atlanta, GA

"Having lived in Atlanta, Georgia will make you take things for granted, thinking that Paschal’s is part of the ordinary culture of the area. Therefore, this restaurant seems to be only a restaurant and not the place that fed the birth of the civil rights movement. Just take a trip to Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, or even Philadelphia, and there is no other city that can say that they fed the movement of former slaves from slavery to freedom. There is no place like Paschal’s and there never will be. Let us preserve this restaurant as a monument of where we came from to never forget where we are going." - Ms. Aisha Wyatt, Atlanta, GA

"Those who forget the past often repeat mistakes which could be avoided." - Denise Arredondo, Union City, GA

Aramintha J. Grant, Atlanta, GA

Sandy Coley, Redford, MI

Jamie L. Evans, Decatur, GA

Kim Aiken, Decatur, GA

Eleanor Reed, Lithonia, GA

"There are very few places left in Atlanta that can make the claim "Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, Maynard Jackson and Andrew Young ate and spent time here". Surely a designer can figure out a way to build around the restaurant. Paschal's should have been on the Register of National Historic Places long ago. Save it!!" - Lawrence A. Dorman, Duluth, GA

"I feel we should keep a historical site." - Brenda Payne, Stone Mountain, GA

Darlene Badger, Stone Mountain, GA

"What a mistake it would be to destroy one of the few landmarks for Black History. Our control seems to be oblivious to the value of a historical building that reprensent all segments of our society. Certainly something can be done to save this landmark." - Jill Mosshamer, St. Charles, IL

Renee King, Hiram, GA

"Paschals will always be a part of my childhood memories. My favorite, the chicken that my sister and I wrap up and put in our pocketbook on Sunday,(the piece was so big) that night we had a special treat! But the for me it was the apple pie and ice cream. Boy I can taste it now and that was 35 plus years ago. CAU, history and memories are going down in that heap of what maybe a pile of bricks but a life time of love, family gatherings, and history for so many people." - B.A. Davenport, Gainesville, GA

"Have we exhausted all options? Please save this historical landmark!" - Angela Finley, Jonesboro, GA

Jeraldine Chambliss, Lithonia, GA

Susan Turner, Atlanta, GA

Brenda W. Davis, Lithonia, GA

"I have never been to Paschal's;however, my fiance had lived in Atlanta for over 13 years and he told me about the restaurant. I certainly hope and pray that it stays open especially since it means so much to the city and is such a gift of history for us all. I do plan on (if it stays open) to visit the place for a plate of fried chicken because I heard on Channel 5 this morning from both newscasters how good the chicken was and my fiance also bragged on the food there." - Melody Tarver, Rome GA

"We need to save Paschal's, because it is a piece of Atlanta's history." - Pam Ivy, Stockbridge, GA

"When I moved to GA in 1977--that was the first place folks told me to go try. They were right!!" - Marcia Boone, Morrow, GA

" I remember the first time I dined in Paschals Motor Lodge and Restaurant, it was back in 1971 when my DECA teacher had taken the class out for not just food, but a taste of black history on what was then called Hunter Street. It was a very educational and memorable event for us kids. There is soo much history in the place, and not just the restaurant it self, but the strip as a whole. I was driving down the strip the other day, and a great sadness came over me just to see how everything was boarded up, so desolate looking. Gone are the black businesses that boomed back in the day, gone are the night clubs that jammed back in the day, streets packed with friendly people. Hunter Street is history to the black community, even though the street has been renamed, history can not be remade. We need to fight to keep Paschals Restaurant opened, it is the very core of our history as black people. Jesse Jackson is famous for his saying "keep hope alive" I say "keep black history alive! Keep Paschals opened!!" - Linda Reynolds, Union City, GA

"I may be young, but I know some things. Instead of tearing Paschal's down, it should made into a Civil Rights Landmark!!" - James Pressley, Ellenwood, GA

"It would be a shame to lose such a historic piece of our heritage. What'a even more sad is the very institution that should have spearheaded this drive to maintain this piece of history is the one that wants to tear it down. Have we become so "edumacated" that we forget from whence we came?(yes, I spelled it that way purposefully)." - Bettye Hill-Bodiford, Norcross, GA

Neketia Jordan, Forsyth, GA

Eric Bryon, Riverdale, GA

Lynne Wiley, Monroe, GA

Catina Jorda, Decatur, GA

Saundra J. Flanagan, Avondale Estates, GA

"Being a native Atlantan, I feel that Paschals should remain a landmark. It not only served as resturant for some of our greatest black leaders, but also as a meeting place for them. Let's preserve our black history so that our younger generation can still see a great landmark of our culture." - N. Benson, Atlanta, GA

"There are ways that CAU can have the new dorm, and Paschals can continue to operate!" - Ken Hedrick, Atlanta, GA

Niela Hill, Atlanta, GA

Cloretta Ceasar, Atlanta, GA

Christine Black, Florence, SC

Marie Bornelus, Atlanta, GA

Tammy Williams, Lithonia, GA

Christie Flesher, Waleska, GA

"Please keep Paschals history alive! If we start getting rid of our history, it will not stop there!" - D. Nelson, Stone Mountain, GA

"Keep the building up because it is a part of our black history in Atlanta." - Lakissia Wheeler, Decatur, GA

Shawn Moss, Marietta, GA

Sammie Madison, Decatur, GA

Juanita Madison, Decatur, GA

Mary Christian , Decatur, GA

Annie Brooks, Decatur, GA

Libbye Binion , Decatur, GA

Henry Veal, Queens, NY

Daryl Madison, Decatur, GA

Chris Veal, Queens, NY

"I am an ex-Morris Brown student of 1990 and I have had first hand experience in staying @ Paschals during a time when the water was not working in my dorm. It was a lifesaver in 1990 and I am sure it was a lifesaver during the civil rights era. I am urging you to save this landmark for the enrichment of my children to come. My idea is to leave the resturant operational as is and turn a group of units into a museum filled with civil rights information. Take the additional bldgs. for dorm refurbishing and this will provide living space for the students, preservation of a historical landmark, & a source of revenue to the university by charging admission to the museum." - Sabrina Taylor, Stone Mountain, GA

Gete Williams, Olathe, KS

"Paschal means to me a legacy that is going to be destoyed. Back in the day Paschal's was a restaurant where civil rights leaders had important meetings. Keep hope alive and also keep the dream alive like Martin Luther King quoted. Even though half of our prominent leaders are gone we still have a piece of history that we can talk about and look at what happened back in the day." - Tosha Madison, Decatur, GA

"Paschals is a part of history because it's part of the Civil Rights Movement. Paschals needs to be saved because it's a landmark and it a part of history. We as people need to keep The Dream Alive and save history or history will be diminished. History makes up who we are as people. If we don't have history we don't have anything to show. Paschals is part of history and we need to keep it that way." - Sandy Madison, Decatur, GA

"Please don't close Paschals,because, it is a historical landmark as well as a historical restuarant for me and everyone else too. In July 1984 upon graduating from The School of Social Work @ Atlanta University where I received my Masters in Social Work, my family from Westminster,SC & Philadelphia, PA. and myself ate there for my celebration dinner,where,they enjoyed the food as well as learning about the historical history of Paschals while we ate." - Jonell Kinard, Decatur, GA

"Please save this for our children. There is a new generation emerging that doesn't believe that Hitler killed seven million Jews...do you really want a generation to lose sight of the struggles and battles fought for racial equality?" - Leighanne Reynolds, Buford, GA


Obinna Lewis, Riverdale, GA

Clarence Lewis, Riverdale, GA

Barbara Lewis, Riverdale, GA

"I'm orginally from Florida, and my mother used to attend college at the AUC in the late 50's in the summer months and brought my brother and I here. Paschal's is an Atlanta historical landmark and should remain that way for eternity. When I moved to Atlanta in the 1980s, I've frequented the restuarant with one of my family members who is now deceased, but was a huge supporter in his day. This place holds a legacy of memories don't tear it down!" - Flora Quattlebaum, Powder Springs, GA

"This is a vital part of history! There are many antebellum homes maintained by the historical societies, but what about this business that brought together white and black, that opened itself to the leaders of a movement that changed our world! This business is historical in the civil rights movement, but also as a profitable business owned, managed and successful by black men! The future generations need to be continually reminded at what can be accomplished, even more so now because of the men and women that frequented this business. If we continue to demolish our history, we are only doomed to repeat it. I would love to help however possible! People need to be reminded of history, to preserve the legacies set forth by the brothers who opened it and by those that fought to free all of us (even white females like me)!" - Beverly Burns, Jonesboro, GA

"If we do nothing black history will be wiped away, just look at Morris Brown U. and our history books." - Keith E. Stephen, Lawrenceville, GA

Tina Perrin, New Orleans, LA

"Once history is erased we can not create it. Please, preserve this place of black historical significance." - Gregory Nash, Atlanta, GA


"I eat a Paschal's at least three times a week with my co-workers. We are a young group of educators who was introduced to the resturant by our principal. We have grown to love it and would hate to see it demolished." - Christopher James, Atlanta, GA

Eric London, Riverdale, GA

"Surely there something that can be done to preserve this landmark. Do we have destroy our history in the name of progress?!?" - Terez Mays, Alpharetta, GA

Reginald Jones, Alpharetta, GA

Brian Ivy, Stockbridge, GA

Dr. Ron Bohlander, Marietta, GA

"This is such an important place it should be preserved as a national historic site." - J. Allen Rider &Karen E. Reagle , Atlanta, GA

Bobby L. McClain, Douglasville, GA

Tamara Jones, Duluth, GA

Dimirial Richburg, Lithonia, GA

"I feel that Paschal's should stay in business because of the history. We as a black community should want as much of our history to stay in tact as possible." - Hope Paschal, Dunwoody, GA

Lynn Richburg, Lithonia, GA

Terri A. Scott, Lithonia, GA

"I love progress, but not at the expense of loosing our historical landmarks. I am certain that CAU has Plan II and Plan III. We would greatly appreciate their decision to use either plan." - E. Marie Scott, Oviedo, FL


"We need to keep Paschals open for the history that was made there, it is very important that we teach our young people about the importance of the building. The history is great, the lounge was one place we could go for big time entertainment. Let the people know what they can do with hard work,and a good idea.It should be made a landmark." - Sandra C. Williamson, Atlanta, GA

"CAU can only see $$$$ signs. Some things are more important than money." - M. J. Oliver, Atlanta, GA

"Please do not destroy this historic landmark. University officials must continue to look for opportunities to reduce the deficit, provide additional quality housing for students and preserve the "original" Paschals. These are not mutually exclusive goals." - Cheryl P. Wilcox, Suwanee, GA

"We must begin to value our history, this site deserves to be on the National Historic Registry. It needs to continue to serve the food it has been serving since 1960, but in an atmosphere tha acknowledges the historic legacy of the building (pictures, stories ect...)" - Joseph Derrick Lewis, Atlanta, GA

Mona Spencer, Decatur, GA

Michele Oliver, Decatur, GA

Mary Spencer Carr, Decatur, GA


"I think it is very important to save this piece of African American history. We as one people should go to whatever extreme to save Paschals." - Demetrius Q Watson Sr., Jonesboro, GA

"I have worked for the Concessions JV/Paschals Group. It is a wonderful company. I know they have the resources to buy this or at least contribute something to it. I totally agree with the statement that if they can save the Margaret Mitchell House and the Fox Theater, that they can save little 'Ole' Paschals. The Paschal Group impresses me so much because they started with one little restaurant and then were able to blossom into the nice big enterprise that it is today. I hope that the family who started this restaurant doesn't forget their roots. NEVER forget where you came from. It is your legacy. I think we all need to remember where we came from, and hold on to the memories, so we can appreciate the good we may live in the present and in the future. SAVE PASCHALS !!!!" - Brian Searles, Atlanta, GA

"If at all possible, I believe that this restaurant should be saved. There is too much history in this restaurant to just be thrown away. " - Sharman Czahor, Calhoun, GA

Byron D. Amos, Atlanta, GA

The cost of "progress" in Atlanta is just too high to pay. When will those who weild the swords or have the deep pockets in this town finally learn how important our history is - not only to us - but to all and future generations! I am completely outraged that those who would consider tearing down such a historical place could be so blinded by thier visions of the almighty dollar. Why haven't they come up with an alternative location. So many presumably smart men should be able to figure that out while preserving and respecting what is part our of city's heritage." - Belinda Lott, Atlanta, GA

"If we, as a people, have the power to preserve a historic landmark, we should not hesitate to exercise that power. May the powers 'that be' have the dignity and common sense to acknowledge this fact, and "Do The Right Thing"." - Ben CK Staten, Marietta, GA

"It is a sad day for all when history is forsaken in the name of the almighty dollar." - Megan Kline, Lawrenceville, GA

"Paschals is a part of history that must be preserved at all costs. It played host to the most important events in Black American history. To allow such a historical presence to be torn down by a wrecking ball without researching other viable options (for which there are many) would be a travesty and a insult to the African American Community in Atlanta and all across America. SAVE PASCHALS SAVE PASCHALS SAVE PASCHALS SAVE PASCHALS SAVE PASCHALS!" - William J. Russell, Atlanta, GA

"Please save Paschals, part of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and World Civil Rights movement." - Benjamin Wiles, Decatur, GA

"A CITY TOO BUSY TO HATE! Atlanta is such a vibrant diverse city and should not lose a piece of history! at the very least, if the university does not want to operate a restaurant turn it into a musuem(form a partnership with the MLK Center and the SLC) and invite suggestions/input from the king family, jesse jackson, andy young, joseph lowery, and all parties interested." -
tom :-)" - Tom Rawls, East Point, GA

"This is a historical site, don't demolish it!!!!!!!!!!" - Katherine Jean Hawkins, Decatur, GA

"Please preserve Black History." - Chandra McMillan, Lithonia, GA

"Although I didn’t in the past know much about the restaurant Paschals, after seeing and hearing about it in the media, I believe that this is a very important part of our Black history. I for one would not like to see it destroyed, because I would like to have the opportunity to bring my 2 young children ages 9 and 13 here and explain to them over a nice lunch or dinner the history of how all the famous people like Martin Luther King came here to strategize their famous walks. We as Black Americans have lost so much of our heritage and if we continue to do so there will not be much left to show our children, grandchildren and great-grand’s in the future. So please let’s try and keep some of our past so that we can have something to show our children in the future." - Ophelia Goldwire, Lawrenceville, GA

"I am a native son of Atlanta and have been going to Paschal's since I was a little boy. Even to this day I occasionally go to the restaurant with my family. So please do not shut this fine historic establishment down, it is a stable in this city's heritage." - Wendell Finch, Atlanta, GA

"This is really a no-brainer. To destroy a monumental historic site such as Paschals is offensive and frankly quite rediculous. Our Black History is already being wiped out enough by others without us joining in too." - Diane A. Whitehead, Decatur, GA

"Clark Atlanta University, please do not tear down our historical restaurant." - Bernice Scott, Carrollton, GA

" Clark Atlanta University needs to think twice about demolishing Paschal's restaurant. I find it hard to believe that the restaurant has caused CAU's deficit. If so, CAU is not doing very well in educating our kids. Black history needs to be taught to our kids not torn down and placed in some history book in hopes that this generation will read and inquire about it. The rich history that Afro-Americans, African-Americans, blacks,whatever you want to label yourselves, is not being taught in the homes. Now by destroying apart of history, CAU is sending a message that we have "arrived" just because of the cars and homes that you now own. But we have not "arrived", especially when this generation let it be known that Martin Lurther King, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Alexander Crummell, Broker T Washington, W.E.B. Dubois, Ida Wells Barnett, Mary MCleod Bethune, Zora Neal Hurston, James Langston Hughes,Colin Powell, and a host of many others do not mean a thing to them. We cannot sit by and continue to condone this "hip-hop age" attitude toward the history of Blacks. Paschals does not need to be"demolition", "scaled down", or limited. It is ashamed that we as a people are destroying our own history." - Debbie Pilgreen, Decatur, GA

Mitch Boyd, Atlanta, GA

"As a historic site & a milestone towards black enterprise, Paschal's should be reserved as a legacy for our future generation." -Genevieve F Williams, Atlanta, GA

Tasha Patton, Marietta, GA

"DON'T TEAR IT DOWN!!!" - Valerie Chapman, Stockbridge, GA

Pamela Parker, Marietta, GA

Yolaine Eiland-Spicer, Snellville, GA

Cavalier Spicer, Stone Mountain, GA

"I was a student of the Atlanta University Center. The first memory my family and I have of the first in the family to go to college is of dinner at Paschals. There is enough erosion of Black History and culture without a Black college furthering the cause. However, I don't feel Clark should carry the full load of the business if it is failing. If the Black or African-American community wants to preserve this history, then we also need to support it. As with so many other issues we will stand for the fight but, we retreat too early thinking the battle has been won! My family and I will be eating there more often to support the preservation." - Glenda Stinson, Lithonia, GA

"Can we please hold on to some of our history? I have a three year old daughter and I'd like to be able to talk to her about some of the people who have visited Paschal's and for her to taste and enjoy that good home cooking." - Sonya Robertson, Atlanta, GA

"Please save this landmark, I want my children's children to be able to enjoy our history." - Neana Randle, Decatur, GA

Ivy Pugh, Monroe, GA

Shannon Harris, Monroe, GA

Anne Chance, Conyers, GA

"The old Paschals is a significant part of Atlanta, GA Black History and deserves to be preserved." - Howard G. Camp, Stafford, VA

"Please honor the hard work and dedication of the Paschal Brothers by keeping the doors open. Let us come together and make a positive difference. We applaud the efforts of Mr. Sonny Royal and "we" pledge to join him in encouraging everyone to patronize the establishment so that the financial doors can open very wide!" - Edward and Brenda Medows, Jackson, GA

Sandra Dee Roberts, Atlanta, GA

James A. Walls, Alpharetta, GA

"As a young college freshman at Morehouse College in 1965, seeing Paschal's for the first time was an inspiration to me . We're talking about history as it was happening, our Black leaders were plotting for the survival of those who have benefited from the education we received. For anyone to think of destroying this monumental site it would be unthinkable. It would be like denying your parents and grandparents. This site is "US", you and me, there is no history if you don't preserve what the past has taught us. There is no going back to change anything that has happened in our life, so we must hold to those memories that we have. "SAVE PASCHAL'S" for our future." - John A. Jones, College Park, GA

Doris Benjamin, Stone Mountain, GA

K. Jones, Powder Springs, GA

"I am a 34 year old white female. I have never been to Paschal's, but do know one of the family members and think that it is very important not only that Paschal's stay open, but that it be made into an Historical Landmark. I cannot believe that Clark Atlanta would allow this historical landmark to be torn down. I realize that CAU is in serious financial trouble, but they should allow Paschal's to keep the historical restaurant open and take Paschal's up on their offer (to build the new dorm in the back parking lot). I think that is the only fair thing to do that could make everyone as happy as is possible in this situation." - Shannon McCown, Duluth, GA

C.E. Williams, College Park, GA

Timothy Hagan, McDonough, GA

"SAVE IT!" - Dr. Bethann Witcher, Decatur, GA

"An Institution such as Paschals should continue in its original state. Not just for a reminder of the Black Struggle but an example for all Human Rights and Humanity! Unfortunately, History has a short memory for injustice and downright crimes against peoples. Perpetual reminders need to continue for reminders. Otherwise, complacency and apathy set in. Paschals is a "Critical" reminder for a progressive and compassionate society!" - Richard Levin, Marietta, GA

"I grew up in Atlanta not far from Paschals...and they're tearing it down??!?!? UNBELIEVEABLE. Please, PLEASE...what ever has to be done, save this historical landmark!! It seems like everytime I look up, another piece of Atlanta's past has bitten the dust...Paschals, Macys downtown, the old stadium, the Omni...WHAT'S NEXT?!?! I mean...while we're at it...why don't we just tear down the Georgia dome! It's over 10 years old and we just can't have that! Unbelieveable." - Gerry Thrash, Plesanton, CA

"I grew up on Paschal's food and passed by the building every day coming from Washington High. It needs saving. Dont' tear it down." - Gwenola Grier, Lithonia, GA

"I just can't believe you're considering closing Paschal's and then have the nerve to try to display memorabilia from the restaurant in the proposed dormitory. What are you going to say, "here used to be an civil rights institution - but that wasn't important?" If Georgia Tech managed to preserve Junior's in the Olympic construction, you could come up with a plan to sell to another owner/operatoror and divest yourself of the property in history's best interest." - Anita Prather Harvell, Decatur, GA

"Too much history has been lost to progress. Why not start with Paschal's and incorporate history into progress? One must look back at our history as a city, a region, and a nation to move forward together. Surely Paschal's, a physically important landmark for the community, could be saved in order to preserve a tangible connection to a force that shaped the country." - David Howe, Savannah, GA

"My great-aunts always taught me the value of history at a very young age. Even though I'm only twenty-seven and have never ate at Paschal's, I know of its importance to histroy. It breaks my heart to see that this is happening. What are we teaching are youth? When did history have a price tag? CAU, I do have a question for you. Why are you ashamed of civil rights history? If it wasn't for that resturant and the people who met there, this world would be worse of a nightmare than it is now.You are a learning institution of higher edcucation, you of all people should want to perserve it. I know economicaly times are hard even for the bigger schools in the state as well but, they would work with whoever it would take to perserve history. NO MATTER THE COSTS!!!!!! I'm just one person but,please listen to the people and the community. Don't take a piece of history away." - Michelle Grady, Alpharetta, GA

"I lived in Atlanta in the 50's. Paschal's Brothers was the place to go. Their fried chicken and potato salad with hot rolls was the first of the fried chicken phenomenon." - Paul Clements, Moreno Valley, CA

James Royal, Lompoc, CA

Michael Bryant, Marietta, GA

"I will support Paschals by giving a monetary donation and by visiting the restaurant more frequently." - Sharon Robinson, Stone Mountain, GA

Marcus Atkinson, Atlanta, GA

Cheryl Smith, Austell, GA

"Paschal's and the entire AU Center has never received its proper recognition for the key role it played in bringing civil rights to America. I am white, and did not move to Atlanta until 1966, but I believe the movement for civil rights is one of the most important movements in our history. Unfortunately, most people do not realize this movement started long before the 1950's and long before Dr. King became known throughout the world. So many thinkers, educators and activists have connections to this area of Atlanta, yet there is so little physical recognition. I understand that the University is probably not the right one to own the restaurant. but, surely, they can build a new dormitory without destroying Paschal's. Why is it that Memphis can save the Lorraine - the location of death - but Clark/Atlanta will not save Paschal's - where it can be argued that the movement for civil rights was born (or grew up)? Saving Paschal's can be an important step in bringing recognition to so many other people and places that have helped move our country along the path of fairness - one which we must continue to travel. It can also be part of an overall economic plan for the West End, which is in need of economic growth. How many people visit the King Center each year? How many of these visitors would also like to visit/eat at Paschal's and walk the streets where Dubois taught and Walter White grew up? This is a great opportunity - as well as an obligation that we have to our children's children. I only hope there will be a rallying around Paschal's and the entire West End." - Jay Scott, Atlanta, GA

J. Berger, Atlanta, GA

"PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY A PART OF ATLANTA'S HISTORY!!!!!!" - Deborah Gonzales-Trimble, Atlanta, GA

Renae Ninnis, Atlanta, GA

"I plan to visit Paschals today, & hopefully add a photograph to my historical book, seems the city raises monies for everything else, maybe some type of event should have been held/rallied to raise the money to restore & save this LANDMARK!" - Wanda F. Jones, Lithonia, GA

"I read the Sunday AJC newspaper today about the Paschal Brothers. Funny, just last night I had a conversation with my uncle about the Paschal Brothers. My uncle told me stories of My Great Aunt Alberta Jones-Morrison who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and served in his church as a usher and deaconess during the time MLK Jr. preached. My uncle also told me how Aunt Bert (loving name the family called her) would bring him from New York to Atlanta in the 50's as a little boy in the summers and take him to Paschal's for chicken. My uncle was telling the story of the Paschal Brother's as an inspiration tool being I am new to Atlanta and trying to understand the history of my new home. Both my Maternal and Paternal family is from Georgia, so I am proud to plant my roots back home. I just think from reading the story of how the Paschal Brothers achieved so much and made such a historical mark in Atlanta it would be a detrimental loss to this great state to erase what made Atlanta what it is today. Clark Atlanta University needs to do all it can to help the original location continue to live on it's legacy and leave Paschals where it is. The story my uncle and AJC told was a great inspiration to me also and it saddens me to know that dormitories are more important to this great college than history. I pray that in some way Paschals can be saved." - Donna A. Levine, Union City, GA

"Our history should not be destroyed at the whim of a university's wishes. Without the civil rights activists who met and strategized at Paschal's, we would not be in the political, social and economic power that we are in now." - Andrea Johnson, Atlanta, GA

"In my native Virginia, they preserve civil war trenches and battlefields, and any house where some major civil or revolutionary war figure slept, ate or met. Because it was destroyed during the civil war, Atlanta lacks those kinds of landmarks, but it is much richer in its civil rights history, and that's part of the reason I (a white,Virginia girl) moved here. Surely Paschal's, such a major civil rights landmark in so many ways, is not deserving of less recognition than those Virginia civil war landmarks!
I am confident that if the will to preserve it is there, we can find the money, and discover the best way to maintain and use the space and keep this important landmark preserved. But don't tear it down before we even have a chance. To tear down Paschal's is to tear down a symbol of what Atlanta and the civil rights movement was (and still is) about." - Sarah Shalf, Atlanta, GA

Cre Sechrist, Pine Lake, GA

"I support (with a passion) the movement to save Paschal's from becoming non-existent. Up to the late 1980's, Paschal's was where I spent the nights while visiting Atlanta. It also was the place where I meet ol' classmates and friends and enjoy fellowship over great meals. It was the crossroads of the African American community in Atlanta. Let's not repeat the negative things that we have done in the past ... destroy or allow to be destroyed historic structures and institutions in our community. Enough has already been done in some areas of Atlanta to destroy great memories. Also, we need African American owned hotels. Where is the pride and love for what's ours?" - Floyd Ingram, Columbia, SC

"In these times of efforts to repeal gains of the Civil Rights Movement, it is crucial to instill the sense of purpose and historic pride in our youth. This comes from exposing them to the institutions that so strongly fostered and supported the movement. HBCU's, the churches, the organizations, and yes the shrines. What's next? Will there be an effort to raize Ebenezer? It is particularly distressing that a black institution (Clark-Atlanta) is the perpetrator." - Roy Byrd III, Lilburn, GA

"Paschal's is a 'mainstay' in Atlanta's Black community. As a student at Booker T. Washington High School in the 50's, buying a quarter of a chicken between two slices of bread with lettuce and tomato for 42 cents is a long-lasting memory. In later years, while a student at Spelman College and while working as an Administrative Secretary with the Southern Leadership Conference, Paschal's was an integral part of my development... having dinner, enjoying the LaCarousel, introducing out-of-town guests to Atlanta's entertainment; and of course seeing the black leadership strategize on ways to implement integration in Atlanta and the South. Paschal's is definitely a major part of history, not only in Atlanta but across the Southeast. PLEASE save Paschal's!" - Barbara H. Williams, Atlanta, GA

"CAU – PLEASE DON’T DO IT! Paschal’s - This is the place where my parents took my siblings and I after church for a treat – you remember, back when church seemed to last all day. This is the place we went when our father wanted to celebrate a birthday or when he finished playing the piano at a recital or church function. Paschal’s is one of the few places where we went that was Black owned and you asked “Wow, you mean I can own my own business one day just like this?” This is where I learned about the Civil Right movement outside of the classroom and could shake hands with people that were apart of it – someone other than my parents or Grandparents. The place where there was no telling who we might get a peek at or if we were lucky, even shake hands with. Someone like the mayor, or a member of congress or maybe even the pastor of the church that we just left. This is the place where I later took my girlfriends and before moving to North Carolina, I took my children.

Tearing down this 50 year old restaurant would be an atrocity. It would be a true slap in the face to the black community in Atlanta and everywhere else. As a native of Atlanta, I never understood how well known the Paschal name was and is outside of Atlanta. Living in North Carolina now, I hear things like “I ate there just last …” or “I went to school at CAU and I remember that night at the club when Dizzy Gillespie…” or something of the like when I bring up where I’m from or good places to eat back at home.

This was a very long-winded way of simply saying: We have enough trouble preserving “Our” landmarks. Paschal’s should continue to be a place in our future and not just a memory in our past. Don’t tear it down – just don’t do it." - Leander C. Barker, Holly Springs, NC

Laura Barker, Holly Springs, NC

Frank Meadows, Holly Springs, NC

" I'm 38yrs old and I only have fond memories of Paschal's Restaurant, Robert and James gave a 14yr old boy a job washing dishes in that restaurant at that time they were old enough to be my grand fathers, but they were real good role models for me as a young black man." - Patrick Daniel, Lithonia, GA

Nicole White, Austell, GA

"This historical landmark should not be torn down, especially for the building of new college dorms." - Kenneth M. Jackson, Atlanta, GA

"This is a landmark that is as important to Black history as the people who ate there." - Regina Cannon, Atlanta, GA

"Paschals' was originally started as a business. It was there to provide a product and a service to people in a segregated community. Before long, it became very much more. Suddenly the restaurant became the center of commerce, because of segregation, and at the same time it became the center stage for a national movement to end segregation. That movement was ultimately successful. As desegregation was achieved African-American capital began to be dispersed through out the White community in our efforts to demonstrate that we could use our new lawful right to patronize White establishments. It was proven to the "White power structure" by the use of boycotting that a significant amount of their "Gross National Product" was generated by the buying power of Black America. The fact that Paschals' was financed, constructed, and operated solely and wholly by Black Americans, and the fact that it was utilized to accomplish the goal of economic empowerment as well as desegregation, proved beyond any doubt that Black Men and Women had, and have economic self determination. That is history; must we destroy our own history?" - Curtis O. Paschal, Smyrna, GA

Cynthia Bass, Smyrna, GA

Pamela Gardner, College Park, GA

Nadine Mends, Marietta, GA

"Please save the Paschal's Restaurant!" - Astanial Davenport, Stone Mountain, GA

"Please keep this historical landmark. I will testify to my dining and staying at the hotel in the Mid '80's while visiting the AU Center on a college tour. The college tour became more of a historical trip when I learned about this Black institiution in addition to the schools. The site of Paschal's and knowing that this was something Black -Owned and operated inspired me to strive to start my own business." - Stanley Williams, Raleigh, NC

Shatavia Bohannon, Stone Mountain, GA

"Save It!" - Wallace Taylor, Antioch, TN

"As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, I was shocked to discover that the school was considering the demolition of one of Atlanta's great landmarks. There's no reason the Atlanta University Center can not make concessions in their site plans to preserve the original Paschals. There are so many others trying to erase our history, it would be a travesty for us to do it to ourselves." - Damali Noel-Lockett, Atlanta, GA

"The original Paschal's Restaurant should not be demolished, for it is a great significant and historical site for the black community." - Lisa Leonard, Riverdale, GA

"I'm ashamed to say it being a black in America, but I didn't find out about Atlanta until recently and now that I have children of my own I try to expose them to the black experience and if the resturant is a part of black history I want to someday take my kids there to eat and be able to say I sat and ate in the same place as Martin Luther King. Hopefully my kids will take their kids and every generation after me will take their kids. I feel it is important that every aspect of black history be maintained. It would be a crying shame if a black college didn't see what it has and capitalize on it. Thank You." - Harold Russell Taylor, Antioch, TN

Carmen Langster, Severn, MD

"Although I am a graduate of CAU, I don't approve of what they are doing. Knowing what I know now about the restaurant, I'm ashamed to say that in my 5 years of college at CAU I never patronized the restaurant. I don't know exactly why. It seems that CAU is not very interested in history, although they are a historically black college. If this restaurant had been a meeting place for so many civil rights activist then it seems that there shouldn't even be a question as to whether or not it should be saved. I think that they should come up with a way of revitalizing the building and business. Find a way to appeal to people to come eat there. What are the brothers who first owned the restaurant having to say about this matter? I stopped at the new Paschal's on Northside just this evening, took a look at the menu and left. It's quite pricey, and glancing over the menu it didn't seem much like a "soul food" restaurant. I hope that they have a change of heart and come up with a better solution which entails preserving the restaurant." - Carmen Blaylock Smith, Lithonia, GA


"If a new dorm is needed, then I feel it can be built around the eatery so it will be in the lobby of the dormitory. This move would save Black History and build new History on the same grounds! Where there is a will, there is a way!" - Melody Wainwright, Nashville, TN

Dr William B. McClain, Fort Washington, PA

LaRoyce Morgan, Atlanta, GA

"Having grown up in Atlanta, I have heard the name Paschal's all of my 50 years. It's significance to the history of the City is immeasurable. I have taken many visitors there over the years to dine, and to see and touch one of the places where the civil rights movement was planned. There are too many landmarks in Atlanta that have given way to a wrecking ball; please don't let this be one of them!" - Hal Gray, Atlanta, GA

"Paschal's has always been a vital part of our black history in Atlanta. It has hosted many of our Leaders doing the Civil Right Movement. I've had the opportunity as a young woman to experience soulful taste of what most of our Past, Present and Furture leaders will expereince. Needless to say, destroying Paschal's will destroy our Black History in the City of Atlanta." - Alesia Gales, Austell, GA

"I was a student at Morris Brown College, taught in Philadelphia schools for 1 yr. Each year I return to Atlanta and always have a delicious meal and remember the times I spent there while in college. In view of MLK,it would be tainting Atlanta's history to remove Paschals." - Pregene Wright, Philadelphia, PA

"Please get the word out so that this does not happen! I grew up staying in, swimming at, and of course eating at Paschal's. I have done everything from staying here for my grandfather's funeral in the 70s, attending a family reunion in the 80s, attending my God-Fathers induction to MBC's football hall of fame in the 90s, to getting my hair twisted by a CAU student in 2000. All under Paschal's roof. It would be a detriment to the history of Atlanta and the Nation for the building to be torn down. It is a physical and spiritual landmark that CAN NOT be lost." - Rimani C. Kelsey, Lutz, FL

"Please save this historic landmark." - ReShanda Seymour, Atlanta, GA

"Please save this landmark!" - Dorian Turner, Atlanta, GA

"Please don't destroy this wonderful historic landmark! I enjoy eating there every summer when my church holds it's National Convention nearby. It would be a shame to lose such a wonderful restaurant and major part of our history!" - Crystal Noble, Anderson, NC

" My great uncle and my father are both ministers and that was the meeting place for all ministers. As a child, I remember them sitting at Paschals over a plate of collards, yams, fried chicken, cornbread, and sweet tea. They would discuss the word of God and I would just watch them. My father passed away in 1997 but I still have that memory and no one can take away. I recently visited the new Paschals. It was delightful but it did not have the heart and soul of the original Paschals. Please preserve our legacy." - Yolanda Chambers, Atlanta, GA

Carla Tatum, Atlanta, GA

Gina Washington, Duluth, GA

"Please do not close Paschals...I am a newbie to Atlanta..this restuarant has so much culture, and class. In the African American community it is an Icon....lets not tear down our history. but add to it. Improve the site and make it a monument to the community and to the world." - Vicky L. Jackson, Atlanta, GA

"It is Black History!" - Melissa Mack, Austell, GA

"Please keep the restaurant open. It is an important piece of African American history." - Andrea Branch, Ellenwood, GA

Melissa N. Houseal, Marietta, GA

"I think that a structure as historically rooted in our community as this one, is worth preserving." - Kim Atwaters, Snellville, GA

Safeyah Armstrong, Atlanta, GA

Etrenda Dillon, Austell, GA

Letitia Edwards, Lithonia, GA

"Please save this historic landmark." - R. Edwards, Lithonia, GA

Tamika Bryant, Atlanta, GA

Coffee Bowe, Atlanta, GA

"Lets's band together to save this establishment!" - David Williams, Marietta, GA

"Paschal's was an important meeting place during the Civil Rights Movement, and provided lodging for Blacks when they could not stay at the Marriott, Hyatt or Westin. It should remain in the community as a source of history for our legacy." - Tiffany Dover, Norcross, GA

Kiffany Jones, Grayson, GA

"I support keeping the restaurant open as a tribute to our historical leaders who planned and strategized in this place ways to make Atlanta and this country a better place for blacks. Perhaps if it cannot be kept open as a restaurant, it can be preserved and possibly restored as a tourist attraction and possibly an events hall." - Felicia Robinson, Atlanta, GA

"Paschal's is most certainly an important part of Black history in Atlanta and continues to encourage a wonderful atmosphere in the Ashby community. I am certain a resolution can be made instead of demolition of the site. Let's not teach our children to destroy any more of their history." - Rhonda Page, Powder Springs, GA

"Please do not demolish this historical site." - Lynette Baskett-Owens, Atlanta, GA

"This is a significant and beloved part of the city's history and should be saved." - Rosemary Favors, Atlanta, GA

Garland E. Raiford II, Decatur, GA

"As a graduate of a Historic Black College, Tougaloo College, I know the importance of perserving one's heritage and any sentimental items, which may reflect one's heritage and triumph over humble beginnings. I will be attending Clark Atlanta University in the Fall of 2003 as a Graduate Student. I have heard of the historic Paschals Restaurant/Center. The sign, is significant because it is a part of Black culture and Atlanta's history and indeed, worth perserving. Best wishes." - Shani Collins, Jackson, MS

Charlene Chin, Smyrna, GA

Jennifer Johnson, Lawrenceville, GA

Charnella D. McDowell, Ellenwood, GA

Adria Wheeler, Atlanta, GA

Natasha Mott, Forest Park, GA

Nekia Strong, Atlanta, GA

"As a CAU alumni, I understand the need for additional housing for students, but I also agree that we should preserve what's left of the historic African American history in Atlanta, and the original Paschal's is apart of that history." - Quisa Foster, Decatur, GA

Connie Raiford, Decatur, GA

Melissa Madsen, Loganville, GA

"We saved "The Dump" -- Why not Paschal's? Mary Rose, a former WXIA-TV news anchor was able to ralley Corporate sponsors and had the backing of Maynard Jackson to save Margaret Mitchell's home where she wrote " Gone with the Wind". Certainly we could have the same effort to save another Atlanta landmark. We should have saved the TRAIN STATION too, but at least The Fox Theatre was spared. I know the City of Atlanta is in economic despair, but couldn't a land swap be a possibility? We certainly could turn this into a tourist destination. Why is this white guy from Sugar Hill so passionate about this issue? Well, I was born and raised in Virginia Highlands and my father knew the Paschal brothers very well. I was fortunate to eat in the restaurant and understand the historical significance of this establishment at a very early age. By the way, the frog legs were superior!!" - Dan Lynn, Sugar Hill, GA

"Niena", Douglasville, GA

"I lived in Atlanta for 4 years and love every bit of history about it. Unfortunately I never had the chance to eat at Paschal's. But, I hope CAU will allow me that opportunity by allowing this fine establishment and historic monument to contine to thrive. There are not many places where African-Americans can feel at home, but this one is just that. By destroying this place, the CAU is allowing the "powers that be" the opportunity to sit back and laugh. They love to see us tearing down our own history...less for them to look at. Please reconsider and let's keep Paschal's alive and well for generations to come. I plan on making a trip to Atlanta just to try to make it happen ;)" - A'me Clark, Tampa, FL

Edward Krugman, Atlanta, GA

Ashleigh May, Stone Mountain, GA

"National landmark and should be treated as such. Preserve our culture, preserve our history!" - Darryl Leach, Atlanta, GA

Daveitta Jenkins, Jonesboro, GA

Nikki Holmes, Woodbridge, VA

Ashlee Askew, Jonesboro, GA

Tonia Isbell, College Park, GA

"Hey, I been visiting Paschal's since 1971 when I came to school in Atlanta from Jackson, Tenn. Ya'll can't be serious about tearing down Paschals. I took my girlfriend, Now Wife, there. At least save the front and the cafeteria. At least keep the frontal structure and dining room areas and turn that into a Civil Rights Museum, Plus the LaCarousel Lounge. Do you all know who played in the LaCarousel Lounge??? Aretha, Armstrong, Gillespie and others who played our Chitlin Circuit. Paschals is just too valuable monument to our struggle to demolish. What and where will future generations look to for their histories without these treasures. I love all my Black Colleges there but Clark, ya'll are wrong if you do this and you'll live to Regret It!!! Don't Do It, Don't Do It, I'm Begging Ya'll, Don't Do It!!!" - John C. Frierson, Houston, TX

C.L. Hooper, Atlanta, GA

"Please, Please let this very important icon to our community continue to stand." - Joann Holmes, Washington, D.C.

"This restaurant is a historical landmark and should continue to serve as an educational site where Martin Luther King and African American politicians met to discuss issues and changed the world. Preservation is much greater than money." - Khadija Kheir

"Please find another solution!" - Ayanna Swain, Decatur, GA

"Please keep Paschal's because it is a major historical landmark for Atlanta's civil rights movement." - Demond Criss, Atlanta, GA

Marcia Jones, Atlanta, GA

Danielle Brown, DeSoto, TX

T. Green, Atlanta, GA

Cara Person, Atlanta, GA

"There has to be a way of preserving the restaurant and building new dorms for students. What ever happened to living up to CAU two mottoes, "I'll Find a Way or Make One" and "Culture for Service" ? - Bernard Jones, Monterey, CA, CAU '96

Crystal Debrow, Smyrna, GA

"Paschal's is such a historic landmark! It really ought to remain in the community-we are having enough problems trying to preserve our history. Let's not ruin it for ourselves, we have many other races doing it for us." - Malikh Brooks, Atlanta, GA

"There is NO reason important enough to close the original Paschal's Restaurant! If we as Black people do not preserve our own history, how could we possibly expect anyone else to respect and honor the contributions of Black Americans. CAU should be ashamed of even considering destroying Paschal's. Don't do it - we all have too much to lose!" - Njeri Griffin, Decatur, GA

Danny Walker, Columbus, GA

"Atlanta must stop destroying it's past. Too many important historical landmarks have been lost!" - Steven Foster, Atlanta, GA

"Atlanta has lost so much of its physical history, and Atlanta's role in the American Civil Rights movement is its most important contribution to the world. Buildings like Paschal's and its motor hotel are the places that make history come alive for future generations - both black and white and every other color." - Ryan Gravel, Atlanta, GA

Mary Catherine Martin, Atlanta, GA

"It's time to think outside of the box, and find a solution that can preserve a landmark and serve the needs of the students." - Shaniece R. Broadus, Atlanta, GA

Andrea Edwards, Atlanta, GA

Susan D. Turner, Ann Arbor, MI

"Have you considered outsourcing the restaurant, and revenue sharing with the restauranteur?" - Jeff Broughton, Ann Arbor, MI

"My very first job in life was at Paschal's as a dishwasher. I could walk to and from work. The historical significance of Paschal's to me as well as all of our people in not only Atlanta, but this country and the world at large is priceless. Clark Atlanta and the other universities need to get out of the past as far as how they do business and come up with procedures that will ensure academic as well as financial success. I attended Morehouse before transferring to another institution because they all are failing our children. Let's pray that Paschal's is retained and preserved for my great-grandchildren and theirs to see in person rather than just on film." - Lloyd Dotson, Jr., Atlanta, GA

Gwen Phillips, Stone Mountain, GA

Latasha Black, Atlanta, GA

Klaus Roesch, Atlanta, GA

"I use to go with my family as a child because we lived off Lee St. I don't have any memories because I was a very small child but have heard many stories and would hate to see the place torn down." - Latasha Askew, Lithonia, GA

"I am a lifelong resident of the metro Atlanta area and Paschal's Restaurant is and has been an integral part of the city. I remember the historic impact of Paschal's from the time I was in high school. I just celebrated my 60th birthday." - Mary N. Stewart, Conley, GA

Beatrice Grant, Conyers, GA

Christopher Tsombanis, Huntington Station, NY

"I cannot believe that President Broadnax has such a pitiful sense of the history and importance of this much-loved institution, not only to Atlanta, but to the world. When America was being torn apart by racial strife, Paschal's provided a place where the saviors of our society could get together and plan ways of saving us. Shame on President Broadnax, who, for whatever reason, ignores the alternatives which are being offered in order to save Paschals. I see a sad man who has his eye on the bottom line. CAU can be saved without razing Paschals. Paschal's is every bit as important to the world as Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and Ellis Island. Please reconsider what harm you are doing to us." - Danielle Carr, Atlanta, GA

"It is a crime that most of the historical properties get razed in Atlanta. The old motor hotel could be refurbished at a cost comparable to a new building. There are alternatives that should be explored. Students and their opportunities should come first, but not at a cost of losing such a landmark. The black community cannot afford to let this happen." - Tod Dickey, Atlanta, GA

Tish Walker, Columbus, GA

"I graduated from Spelman and ate many a delicious meal at Paschal's and stayed in the motel. If we do not appreciate our own landmarks who will. I'm sure the University would want all African Americans to rally to their rescue if one of it's landmarks was headed toward demolition. Please continue the restaurant and motel for myself and future generations." - Jolli Brown, NY, NY

Hahn Hanrahan, Shenyang, China

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